What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

Excellent response and concern for me as the customer. They are straight up, tell you truths, no sugar coating and on top of it all. I’ve never not had them returned my phone calls or my emails which in today’s environment a rarity for a company like this that is so busy with all the hurricane damage we get down here in the panhandle. Ariel was very professional and very precise didn’t miss anything and I feel very confident moving forward that everything is going to be mold remediated properly which is a key to not having re-existing mold grow again

Another company came in after the hurricane to dry things out but it started to smell terrible. SERVPRO found wet places inside our walls with an infrared camera.  The drywall had to be torn off because of mold, but SERVPRO cleaned it all out, put it back and painted it to match.  Bad smells are all gone!

I am very thankful that SERVPRO responded as quickly as they did, especially knowing all that I now do about the harmful effects of mold growth. Thank you for the amazing work. 

Mold might be a common occurrence, but as long as SERVPRO is around, it doesn’t have a prayer. Excellent work on the remediation in my home. 

Crew has been very nice and hardworking. The crew went out of there way to move boxes, anything I needed. 

They were professional considering the bad situation. They took care of everything and put it back to the way it was before.

Everyone was great! They were on time, professional and friendly.