Fire Damage Photo Gallery

An electrical cord catches fire.

Electrical Fire Damages Home in Fort Walton Beach?

We restore fire damage 24 hours a day in Okaloosa County. 

A dead Christmas tree is shown. Photo Caption: We are leaders in fire damage restoration

Dry Christmas Tree Causes Fire Damage in Ocean City Home?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) wants residents to get rid of their trees after Christmas or when the tree is dry. Learn more.

An electrical outlet has short-circuited, resulting in an electrical fire.

What are the Top Causes of Fire Damage in Fort Walton Beach?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that more home fires and fire casualties result from five sources: cooking, heating, electrical distribution, lighting equipment, intentional fire setting, and smoking materials. Here are some more statistics from the NFPA related to fire damage. Learn more.

A dog wearing a chef’s hat and apron is cooking on a gas stove.

Pets Starting Fires in Blue Water Bay Homes?

Whether pets cause fires intentionally or by accident, the National Fire Protection Association reports that pets and wild animals are responsible for starting over 750 home fires each year. Learn more.

Smoke rises towards a smoke detector in a home.

Smoke Alarm Failure in Blue Water Bay Home?

Our local technicians in Fort Walton Beach have over twenty years of experience restoring fire damage in Blue Water Bay. Smoke alarms are an essential part of a home escape plan. Learn more.

A modern kitchen is shown with people cooking.

Kitchen Fire in Rocky Bayou Home?

Our team in Fort Walton Beach responds to fire damage emergencies throughout the year. Cooking fires are common causes of home fires in the United States, so please read our latest blog here to learn some cooking safety tips.

A portable fire extinguisher is shown.

Fire Extinguisher Safety Tips for Fort Walton Beach Residents?

Our local team in Fort Walton Beach responds to fire damage emergencies each year in Fort Walton Beach. Please read our latest blog here to learn some tips for selecting a portable fire extinguisher.

Two dogs ride in a car, leaving the scene of a fire.

Fire Escape Planning for Fort Walton Beach Pets?

Do you have a fire escape plan in place that includes your pets? Our local team in Fort Walton Beach responds to fire damage emergencies every year. Please read our latest blog here to learn about creating an escape plan for your pets.

A family roasts marshmallows over a fire pit in the backyard.

Fire Safety Tips for Children in Fort Walton Beach?

Do you know that our local team in Fort Walton Beach cleans and restores fire damage 365 days a year? Please read our latest blog here to learn more about fire safety and children.

Firefighters are extinguishing a fire at a residence.

Hoarding Fire in Niceville Home?

Do you know that our local team in Fort Walton Beach cleans and restores hoarding environments? Please read our latest blog here to learn more about hoarding and the fire dangers associated with hoarding.

A person is replacing a battery in a smoke alarm.

Fire Safety Tips for Okaloosa Island?

SERVPRO® of Fort Walton Beach’s technicians are trained and certified to restore fire damage, no matter how big the job is. To learn some key fire safety tips, please read our latest blog here. 

Strings of electric lights in orange paper shades illuminate a backyard.

Outdoor Electrical Fire in Niceville?

Do you know that SERVPRO® of Fort Walton Beach’s technicians are on standby to respond to fire damage emergencies 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to fire damage emergencies? To learn about some tips for outdoor electrical safety, please read our latest blog here. 

Smoke and Soot Damage in Fort Walton

The fire, though it did not damage the tiles or tub, needed prompt cleaning of the soot to prevent staining of the grout lines, vanity, and ceiling of this Fort Walton bathroom. Wiping down the walls with the correct products, after testing by our SERVPRO techs, can ensure a successful conclusion to the fire and smoke damage cleanup task.

Niceville Fire Damage Cleanup

The entrance and porch area of this Niceville home suffered significant fire damage. The charred building elements and fixtures can be safely removed by a SERVPRO team in preparation for a rebuild of the fire-damaged areas. Many factors, not just demolition, like keeping out the elements and odor control justify the use of a highly skilled company like SERVPRO.

Fire Damage Restoration In Fort Walton Beach

Let our team at SERVPRO help you with your fire damage emergency. We pride ourselves on our fast response time, and you can contact us 24/7. SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach has the experience, equipment, and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Mary Esther Fire Damaged Apartment

The seldom-used space heater ignited the curtains causing a blaze in the Mary Esther building. The heat was enough to "pop" some nail heads to the surface of the gypsum boards on the ceiling and walls. The smoke residue can be wiped away by our SERVPRO technicians while the hydroxyl generator kills the foul smoke odors.

Fire Damage In Fort Walton Beach

SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach offers 24-hour emergency service to our customers and have we have the specialized training, advanced equipment, and expertise to handle your fire restoration and cleaning needs. Our experts understand this can be a difficult time and we will show you and your property the utmost respect. We are locally owned and operated, leaders in the restoration industry, and Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Fire Damage in Home in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Fire and smoke charred and burned the furnishings this section of the house from a grease fire in the kitchen. When our SERVPRO techs received the okay to enter the premises from the Fire Marshal, they got to work discarding the non-salvageable belongings before starting the fire damage restoration service. When the walls, ceilings, and the HVAC system were cleaned and sanitized, then we started on the rehabilitation portion of the service. We are the one-stop solution.